10 Best Samsung UN65MU8000 Black Friday Deals For 2020

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Samsung UN65MU8000 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – A bright room is better than average for TV shows. Smart OS works well for casual viewing.

Good game performance. Motion handling is very good, so only a small trail is seen.10 Best Samsung UN65MU8000 Black Friday Deals For 2020Gret for HDR gaming. The quality of the picture is good, and very low speed blur can be seen. The input interval is great, even for more competitive gamers.

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Black Friday is the largest shopping event in the US, where many retailers offer huge discounts on the prices of their Products. It is said that people start Christmas shopping on this day.

During Black Friday, you can avoid the crowds by shopping online. Many stores also have special offers onSamsung UN65MU8000. You can also get free shipping. and you will get your last chance to buySamsung UN65MU8000 at the lowest prices. Below we have covered up some of the bestSamsung UN65MU8000 Black Friday deals. You can get up to 50% off on top-selling products and much more.

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The MU8000 is a similarly wide stand for KS8000 from last year. It supports the TV well and feels stable, and also provides a cable management route through the left foot.

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Below is a list of Samsung UN65MU8000 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2020

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Also Get Samsung UN32M4500BFXZA offers for Black Friday. Graiet SDR Peak Brightness . In general use, the TV will rarely hit this peak, but its constant brightness is still good enough for bright rooms. 100% white window), which is an advantage for the room with glare. The difference between Q7F and MU8000 brightness in movie mode can be seen here. outside thebox, the MU8000 is very accurate. With both white balance DE and color DE under 2.0, this performance is quite good and should be more than enough for normal home use. The only aspect where the MU8000 is slightly less accurate is gamma, which is not tracking our target of 2.2 very closely.

Display Technology
Connector Type
4 x HDMI, 1 x RS-232C, 3 x USB 2.0
Screen Size
Is Smart
Width (without stand)
Depth (without stand)
Assembled Product Weight
53.1 lbs
Height (without stand)
Depth (with stand)
Width (with stand)
Manufacturer Part Number
8 Series
Streaming Services
Refresh Rate
240 Hz
Height (with stand)
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
11.40 x 56.90 x 36.00 Inches

Intumatically, as far as black level and vice versa performance in the MU8000 is concerned, this television is a really great performer, even beating the much pricier QLED Q7F model that we recently reviewed in this metric. Blacks are generally very similar and deep in this TV, while the actual black level that the MU8000 can manage sits at a level that is roughly equivalent to those of the 2016 SUHD TV lineup. This TV also produced a very decent high native opposite ratio that most viewers will be very happy with. Another stunning but amazing performance addition in MU8000 is the local dim technology which really helps in the performance of the black level of this TV. Unlike its 2016 KU-series predecessors, the MU-Series 8000 is locally dimmed and while it doesn't work for a high level of precision, this new feature certainly helps on delivering deep, rich blacks in wide areas of screen when necessary, resulting in more realistic images and stronger contrast.

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Unveil Exciting Offers At Samsung UN32M4500A. Clym: The brightness performance of Samsung's MU8000 TV is pretty good despite our desire that it was even better considering these TV other improvements on its predecessors and the general standards of today's HDR TV (2017 model). MU8000 manages a peak SDR glow of 830 nits in a 10% window. It's actually great but it's also something about an abnormality because when providing continuous 10% performance SDR brightness, the MU8000 manages a very low 412 nits but balances it well with a continuous 50% and 100% SDR brightness levels of 398 nits and 391 nits respectively. These figures are very good and quite average for HDR TVs working in SDR mode.Thanks to Isdtel George, we should have mentioned this and where possible it has been corrected. Thanks for your input George.Are there Christopher, the MU8000 may not blow you away but it will definitely affect. 4K resolution is really impressive in itself, even in non-HDR ordinary 4K TVs, but when you combine it with the wider colors of HDR and the sharp contrast ratio of models like Samsung's 2017 and 2017 4K HDR TVs, it really impresses a lot. MU8000 will also work well for ordinary materials. And if you use it to watch real 4K HDR streams or 4K Blu-ray movies, you'll definitely see the "Wow Factor".Smusung, the ever-cautious master of the sleight of term, has new appeals, handles and sobricats by which to call their visual magic. The new ones for this year's model are 4K color drive extreme, 4K HDR extreme with UHD remastering engine. All these names basically describe the chip sets used to sharpen the color, contrast and quality of the image. They offer a slight improvement in picture quality to last year's KS model. Samsung's tenure for the dimming feature in the8-series ("Local") is accurate black. Local dimming can provide some enhanced accuracy about color and detail levels, unlike the contrast required for each part of the screen and the excellent overall image. Since the dim mechanism on the MU8000 is from the edges, we can't really call it true local dim – a term that describes the ability to illuminate or darken specific areas of the screen independently of each other. This feature is effectively considered increaSE contrast in different areas of the picture.

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